Freedom, equal opportunity and justice for all should be inalienable human rights. In a world with so much abundance, we all should have equal rights to clean water, nutritious food, affordable health care, decent shelter, a 'living wage', free speech and to be served by our politicians and police, regardless of creed, gender or wealth bracket. Each person should have access to these essential ingredients for a happy life & yet so many do not. Let's do something about this!

Native People's Rights
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Corporate Accountability
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Social & Environmental Justice
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The effects of colonialism have been most devastating to indigenous people around the world. Let's stand together to protect indigenous sacred lands from resource exploitation, let's overturn the unjust treaties & let's create a world where native people are afforded at least as many rights as the children of those who occupy their homelands. Here is a list of top organizations to help you get involved!


The more we delve into the social, environmental & political issues, the more we realize how inextricably connected all these things really are. Thankfully there are more activist organizations than ever tackling these important issues, from every imaginable angle. Here are some other great groups making real progress at this critical time in history:

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