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Here's some great reading material to help keep you informed and entertained, while America wakes up from it's FOX News induced stupor, engineered by profit driven media manipulators, who pump disinformation designed to keep folks dazed & confused, so they keep wandering from Walmart to McDonalds and back to their big TVs, all in a futile attempt to fill a bottomless pit created by the very people who stopped calling us 'citizens' and started calling us 'consumers'. . . Unsubscribe from the brainwash & open up to some great News You Can Trust!


Here are some progressive radio stations, TV shows, podcasts and apps to help you stay informed & connected to the ever changing issues in our brave-new-multimedia world.


Kick back and connect to the issues you care about with some great films and few fun shorts to help expand your horizons, give you something to think about and maybe even make you laugh.


In times like these, it is nice to know there are incredible people everywhere, following their passion, writing their own rules, turning their lives into works of art, making a positive difference for others & laughing in the face of fear. Here are some amazing people with a contagious way of making brilliant and brave look easy. Be inspired!

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